Copycat Kit Kat Bars – Vegan & Gluten Free

I wish I could say that I made the wafer from scratch on this and it was identical to a kit-kat bar, but that’s just not going to happen. I wanted something that tasted *exactly* like a kit kat, and there’s something decidedly mechanical about the wafer cookies that I doubt could be reproduced without special machinery. I use Schar brand gluten free cocoa wafer bars, as they also happen to be vegan. Once you get a vegan milk chocolate the way you like it, you can go crazy and start to add matcha and sugar to cocoa butter, or powdered freeze-dried fruit. Please do start inventing new kit kat flavors and let me know your flavors!

Vegan & gluten free “milk” chocolate kit kat bars

Every once in a while you’ve got to solve your own problems. This kit kat bar doesn’t have homemade wafers, but it also tastes exactly like I remember the candy – but better, because you can make it dairy-free, with ethically-sourced chocolate, and inclusive of the gluten-challenged …most people recognize that fair-trade chocolate is better, but it’s seldom known that there is a large problem of child slave labor being used to supply cocoa for major mass-market chocolate brands. It’s hard to keep all ethical considerations in mind when choosing food, but I like to think that the more people know the more that companies will have to change their behavior to maintain their image. Enjoy!

Kit Kat Bars – Vegan & Gluten-Free


1 box of Schar gluten free cocoa wafers (4.4 oz)

5 oz ethically sourced vegan chocolate

1-2 oz cocoa butter

¼ cup unsweetened soy or coconut milk powder

To prepare:

Melt chocolate, cocoa butter, and soy or coconut milk powder and mix well until glossy. Open package of Schar cocoa wafers and carefully slice each cookie in half lengthwise. Dip each into chocolate mixture and let excess drip a bit back into the chocolate. Line up 4 wafers side by side on a parchment paper until all have been coated. Refrigerate to set and trim the edges before serving.

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  1. Vgan says:

    What brand is the colored chocolate? Where did you get it? Its beautiful

  2. Karen Peters says:

    Hi There, Just so you’ll know the Schar bars have milk in them.

    1. hungrychickpea15 says:

      Hello! The cocoa wafers (not coated in chocolate) don’t have milk, just risk of cross contamination because of shared equipment. Other flavors (including hazelnut) do have milk (whey powder).

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