Pasta Bolognese

I do have significantly more complex recipes for vegan bolognese sauce (involving sautéed onion, roasted eggplant, and more), but I love this one because it’s so understated. It more of a method, than a recipe, to transform marinara sauce into an alternative with lovely substance and texture. Use it as-is, or as a base for the toppings of your dreams.

IMG_9143Pasta Bolognese

Not adding measurements here because no one should tell an adult how much sauce to put on their pasta, or when to stop grating the vegan cheese 😉


  • Pasta of choice, cooked
  • TVP, dry (textured vegetable protein – I use Bob’s Red Mill)
  • Tomato sauce of choice
  • Violife parmesan cheese

To prepare: combine tomato sauce and dry TVP in an almost 1:1 ratio, favoring the sauce. Cook until the TVP has absorbed the water in the sauce and the mixture looks almost crumbly. Serve over pasta with grated cheese topping to preference.

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